Changing the Login Screen in Windows XP

on Saturday, March 20, 2010

Login or Logon screen is a display that appears when going into the desktop. By default, view login screen in Windows XP a blue background with the user name list display on the right side of the center.
If you feel the look is less attractive and want to replace with another view you can change it easily by using the Windows XP LogonUI Changer.
Windows XP LogonUI Changer is a software that you can use to change the login screen in Windows XP, just a few clicks.
Some interesting features of Windows XP LogonUI Changer:

• Able to display a preview of the login screen
• Can display the login screen in random order (random)
• Can change wallpaper on the login screen

By default this does not include freeware login screen option, so you need to download a file that will serve as a new login screen from various sites on the Internet, one of them here.
Some examples of alternative login screen:

If you're interested to try the Windows XP LogonUI Changer, you can download at


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