Make a simple LAN Computer Network

on Thursday, March 18, 2010

When my friend at home has more than one computer, and each computer to connect to one so I could another sharing data, printers, Internet connection sharing, etc., we could do with a computer network LAN (Local Area Network) simple ..

If the posts are then used ad hoc wireless connections, in post, this time we use a cable connection that is using a data cable UTP (unshielded twisted pair), which is standard cable to the LAN network connection.
Computers are used at present are already equipped with LAN Card or also known as NIC (Network Interface Controller), or Ethernet Card.

If the number of computers that will connect only two, we are only enough to provide one with a length of UTP cable according to the distance between the computer at both ends of the cord has been fitted with RJ-45 connector (standard connector for UTP LAN cable) to the configuration Cross / cross.

• If the number of computers that will connect more than 2 pieces, then we must add a device called Switch or Hub. At this time the price of a switch to standard housing is very affordable.
Of each - each computer connected to the switch using UTP cable with RJ-45 connectors on both ends with a configuration Straight / straight.

• Installation of connectors on UTP cable can be made yourself, but to simply stay mate just go to a computer store that also provides network equipment, and living told to buy a pair UTP cable connector all the configuration of cross / cross to connect the computer to the computer (two computers ), or straight / straight to connect more than 2 computer / use switch.

Configuring the IP address (Internet Protocol / TCP IP)
To be able to communicate with each other, respectively - each computer must be IP addres

• Go to Network Connection (Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connection)
• Select / double-click Local Area Connection
• Double click on Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)
• Click Use the following IP address, and fill out an IP address and Subnet Mask
For example,
computer1 IP Address:
computer2 IP Address:
computer3 IP Address:
computer4 IP Address:
etc. ..
Must be the same Subnet Mask:

To determine the success or failure do ping command connection from one computer to another computer
Example from computer1 to computer2:
• In computer1: Click Start -> Click Run -> type CMD -> click OK, then will appear Command Prompt
• Type in ping hit enter
Reply from there must komputer2
• Perform the same command to find a connection to another computer.


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