Computer Tips and Tricks

on Thursday, March 18, 2010

1. Do not install more than 1 OS in one system

2. Do not place the number of users is too many in a system, even the most 2, let the best only 1 user only

3. Do not install software that you are not sure the source

4. Be careful when update driver motherboard and processor (usually do not have to update it )....

5. Always update your antivirus software

6. Do not try to install or run software that exceeds the ability your system (usually game , require a high specification)

7. Avoid too many software installed in the drive you install your OS,

8. avoid also save files in the drive, save it in another drive or partition

9. Be careful when they partition, data in the partition that you delete and re-design will be lost altogether

10. When using the software for computer optimization settings, be careful not to make you regret later

11. Do not overclock your system even if you simply great in the field, many complications, and life expectancy will decrease your system

12. Do not force your system to work for some software simultaneously, for example, open 7 to 8 simultaneous software!

13. Avoid too much software installed that you do not need

14. Virus scan at least once a week, Defragment, check the registry, delete files not important at least once every 2 weeks

15. Avoid using "regedit" and "services.msc" if you are less skilled about!

16. BIOS? Do not blow out if you do not skilled about it!

17. Open the casing for cooling is fine, but make sure you're concerned with cleanliness of your system

18. Use the power system penghad encouraged, such as PowerBuster

19. Do not install computer protection software breakthrough that uses a password if you forget it!

20. If you want to take your pc to travel far, such as increased bus, remove some components and carried in separate bags, such as hard disk, graphic card, to avoid damage to these components occurs when your pc experience impact or falls!

21. Avoid suspicious software installed, if you do not want to be afraid then,suddenly appear as a list of "blue photo" in the list of screensaver you , which are sure you do not know how severe delete it,if your computer is attacked or conquered Trojan viruses.

22. Your system slow, even if you already tweak settings? Upgrade the hardware..

23. Restart / Reset the computer when the problem appears sometimes help

24. Do not leave your computer open 24 hours a day ... will bring long-term effects of severe, such as motherboard or processor melts


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