Error Message : NTLDR is missing

on Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A friend asked about laptop her out the error as below:

NTLDR is missing
Please Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to ...

NTLDR (NT Loader) is a file needed to run the Windows boot process.

Usually I find this error on the old computer. Is normally due to damage cluster hard disk or hard disk partition. This causes the file is damaged or lost.

It is recommended that you do not format the computer, just follow the steps below.

Solution 1:

Copy files "NTLDR" and "from another computer using the pendrive ok. Then move the file into the computer that is damaged just by using Bootable distribution (eg Knoppix, SLAX, ...). Then reboot the computer.

Solution 2:

Boot the computer using the Windows CD, select the menu out questions related to whether you want to install windows ataurepair windows? Press "R" to select repair windows (with repair console command).

Then press "1" and subsequently enter the Administrator password. Assuming that your pendrive in drive e: \, type command under DOS:
copy e: \ i386 \ NTLDR c: \
copy e: \ i386 \ c: \

Reboot the computer.

Solution 3:

Boot the computer using the Windows CD just like method. But the menu select install windows. Until you can see the menu and partition the hard disk drive appears C: \ drive that is reserved for system partition.

Select drive C: \ it (with the hightlight of the partition). You are given the option to repair or install windows on that partition. Select "R" to repair. Then wait until the process finished copying the system files from the Windows CD into the hard disk is done.

Reboot the computer.


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