Step Backup Computers Before Format

on Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back-up personal data necessarily easily done. We know where the data should diback-up. Decide whether to move back up the data partition to another (easier), to external hard disk, hard disk to the slave, into the pendrive (if small data size) and assorted media back-up more appropriate.

Here are things to do before you format your hard disk:

1. copy all important files, eg pictures, MyDocuments files, files on the desktop and other files that need to be.

Normally, documents are saved in MyDocuments, do not you copy the MyDocuments icon Desktop shortcut because it is only just.

You need to identify the location where the file is saved MyDocuments first right click the shortcut in MyDocuments "desktop> Properties> Target"

2. if using a computer-office record or take a photo snapshot IP address, computer name, printer settings and settings related Lain2.

3. if no computer drivers CD (motherboard / video / LAN /...), make sure you restore it from the internet and make copies.

4. Back-up email inbox. (example: Outlook Inbox file in C: \ Documents and Settings \ (Username) \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Outlook \

5. Back-up favorite / boomarks Internet Browser (eg IE / Firefox / Opera)


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