what the boot sequence?

on Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Boot sequence is one that determines the order of which your computer should read the data, the next operating system launch. One arrangement commonly used boot sequence is like this:
1. Hard Disk
2. Diskette
Based on the above list, when the computer is switched on, it will look into the hard disk first. If there is a system operating in the hard disk, it will be carried out. If not, the computer will see the number in the diskette, then into the CD-ROM, and so on.
So, if you want to install a new operating system on your computer (install Windows XP atauUbuntu for example), or if you want to run Live CD, you must change the first boot sequence to CD-ROM.
Similarly, if you want to run the operating system from a USB drive (Slax for example), the first boot sequence must be set to the USB.

Boot sequence can be changed through the BIOS screen. To enter the BIOS screen, switch the computer and press F2 or Delete (depending on your computer, look at the display that appears during the computer start didhidupkan). Then, find the menu associated with the boot sequence to change aturannya


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